What you can expect at Grabenstatter Wellness…

Ellen Bowman

North Collins, NY

“Tailored to what I need…”

“My connection to Grabenstatter Wellness began with regular massage therapy treatments. I have been elsewhere for massage while on vacation; yet find Gina to be the best. Her professionalism and passion for helping others and the individual attention I get from going there is what makes me look forward and keep coming back regularly every two weeks for massage.

I began receiving regular chiropractic care at Grabenstatter Wellness about 12-13 years ago. I was all ready receiving regular massage therapy there so when athletic injuries hit me, I sought chiropractic care with Dr. Grabenstatter. Initially skeptical about chiropractic, I am no longer. I keep a regular treatment schedule of every two weeks. The treatments are always focused and tailored to what I need. While there have been many other athletic injuries over the years, I am able to bounce back and recovery so much quicker with the help of chiropractic. More importantly, I am able to maintain an active lifestyle and quality of life, thanks to the care I receive.”

“My miracle worker…”

“I am 59 years old and have suffered for 10 years on and off with excruciating pain that radiated from my buttocks into the back of my thigh, calf and foot caused by herniated and degenerative discs in my lumbar spine.  I had difficulty walking, standing and even sitting comfortably at times.  An MRI revealed that surgery was not an option for me.  Over the years I went to physical therapy, exercises at home, epidural injections and pain medication, which had many unpleasant side effects and only dulled the pain. 

After the second injection did not work, I was referred to a chiropractor.  His adjustments and exercises slowly started to alleviate the pain but I still needed pain medication pretty regularly.  Then I heard about non-surgical spinal decompression and cold laser therapy.  Through the 26 treatments over 6 1/2 weeks, my pain became less and less.  I am now totally pain free and have no need for pain medication.  I credit these treatments and Dr. David Grabenstatter for my new lease on life without pain, something about which I had lost all hope.  I had resigned myself to the very discouraging fact that I had to learn to live and cope with chronic pain.  I owe Dr. Grabenstatter a debt of gratitude forever.  He is my miracle worker.”

Judy Bartoe

Kenmore, NY

Maria Mercurio

“a massage chair that has brought a bit of themselves to our home…”

“Gina and David have a place of healing.  They are a husband and wife team who complement each other as they have complemented my own life. My husband Bob and I have known Gina for almost 20 years and what a gem in her field. She has given the most grounded massages throughout times in our lives to us and our children. Silently or sharing she is a force of strength that has helped us heal through massage.

We have both seen Dr. David Grabenstatter for chiropractic care and he resolved our problems in a short time. They recently sold us a massage chair that has brought a bit of themselves to our home. Nothing replaces Gina and David but the massage chair at the beginning or end of our day helps us to continue our health care in the comfort of our own home.”