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Maternity Massage

1 hour      $85.00

  • Reduce back and joint pain.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Reduce edema.
  • Reduce muscle tension and headaches.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and
  • Get better sleep.

Embrace the precious months prior to childbirth. Maternity massage is made more comfortable in a specially designed maternity bed, allowing for a weightless feeling while receiving massage. It is recommended that treatments take place after completion of the first trimester, or by doctor’s permission.

We take a different approach to your healthcare which you will notice from the minute you step into our waiting room.
The first thing you will enjoy is that there is little to no waiting in our waiting room.  This is because I only schedule one patient at a time.  One of the many benefits of not accepting insurance, is they can not limit the time or care I give to solve your problem.
An all too common complaint about other doctors’ offices has been “waiting an hour or more in the waiting room to see the doctor for 2 minutes.”  This is typically because the doctor has 5 or more patients booked at the same time and is going from room to room, maximizing the total number of patients seen in a day.
At Grabenstatter Wellness, this is never the case.  Here you will always receive comprehensive, individualized care.  It is our goal to get you feeling your best as well as functioning at your best. 
Thank You for considering Grabenstatter Wellness.  I look forward to the opportunity to help make you well.

 – Dr. David E. Grabenstatter & Gina Grabenstatter

At Grabenstatter Wellness you will always receive comprehensive, individualized care. We look forward to the opportunity to make you well. 716-633-2233

A Little Bit About Me…

When Gina is not at her office she can be found with her family hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, camping or anything else she can do outside in God’s playground.

She has hopes of bringing the importance of massage to the youth community of Western New York. She realizes the benefits massage (and chiropractic) have given her own children and would like to educate other parents so their children can learn what it means to tune into their bodies and understand their options to be in control of their health and well being,

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